Driving Traffic To Your Site via MySpace

There are thousands of special interest groups that gather on the web to talk about their favorite subject: knitting, Obama, tennis, name it, they got it. The key is to find these niches and let them know about your site! This is an excellent technique because it drives loyal and regular users to your site. One of the best ways to do this is through myspace.

*set up your account with myspace
*Add your info. No offensive pictures. Include a link to your site
*Do not add a product page. This is too spammy-ish and homeade looking.
*Start adding relevant friends. Be somebody that they like. Do not add more than 100 friends a day (or, this can get you banned).
*Post on a regular basis. This gets more exposure and interst.
*Watch your traffic roll in.

Stick With It

I learned this the hard way. In my life, there have been so many times when I have tried to do something once, and it didn't turn out. So, I threw my hands up in the air and said that it didn't work. One day, I decided to just try it again to see if it would work this time. Lo and behold, it worked! I just had to approach the problem with a different mindset. Let this be a lesson to you. Just because something doesn't work for you initially, don't give up. Everything in life worthwhile is going to be difficult. (That's why everyone is not wealthy....some just give up too easy).


The Most Embarrassing Day of My Life

I have a sweet little 4 year old that is usually great. But she successfully embarrassed the heck out me recently. There was a really nice lady that was paying special attention to my little girl. This lady soooo sweet and she was telling my little 4 year old a story. But, things took a turn for the worse when I heard my toddler say to the kind lady, "Have you always, been old and fat?" I know this post is off topic, but I wanted to share it just to ease my pain. I thought I had taught her manners!!!


Do Google Adwords Work?

Do Google adwords work? From my experience, nope. After all the time put into researching, learning, and tweeking my ads, it has not been my method of choice. However, I read somewhere that if your product or service is over $10, it is viable. So make your own decision. of my mentors, Simon Leung (who actually used to work for Google on the Adword creation team) believes that adwords are dead and soon to be a thing of the past. There are too many other ways to market yourself for free such as Twitter, Youtube, Craigslist, etc.


My Money Recipe

Did you know that you only need to make $273 a day to pull in $100,000 a year? It's not that hard when you look at it that way. I am sure you all have your own special way of making money, but here is mine in a nutshell: If I sign up 1 person a day for a year on my website ( and if those people each sign up a total of 2 people each, then I make $135,000 year after year. And those numbers are conservative!

If you have no interest in this type of business, then why not sell high end items on ebay or amazon? There are so many ways to make money. I am sooo sick of people saying they can't find a job. Why don't they create their own job? Atleast you can't get fired by yourself!



I know, it's such a stupid title. But really, I just bought the Twitter Friend Adder and it is sooo coool! I love things that save me time and leverage my work. My current goal to target 137,000 people a day (which converts into a hefty sum of ongoing profits). And do you know what the beautiful thing is? Twitter is free! It costs a lot of money to buy lists for e-mail!


Should I Feel Guilty?

We got a Christmas card yesterday from our accountant. It was a mass message sent to all his clients. He wrote: "No matter how bad things get we all seem to figure out a way to thrive and get through our challenges." I get these messages from all kinds of people. I do not want to appear big-headed, but should I feel bad that we had a great year? I almost feel like we should be struggling because that's what everyone else is doing. Anyways, my family and I just got back from dropping off a box full of money and food to a struggling family in our church. I feel really blessed that we were able to do that. If I have offended anyone, I am sorry :)